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Traficon is a mobile traffic monitoring system for detection of speedinfringements, collection of statistics and possible prosecution of traffic violations.The system is portable and consists of two GoPro cameras, a connected pc with gps reciever and specially developed software. The entire system is mounted and prepared in less than ten minutes and has no permanently installed devices or equipment.

Traficon consists of three main software components

The Lane Line

Tracking system

This module count lane lines and determines the length and the distance between them.

The Vehicle

Identification system

This module identifies vehicles and license plates and detects speed violations on single vehicles by comparing the traveled distance over time. Vehicle- and owner information is automatically retrieved from the National Vehicle Register during the tracking process.

The seequense

scan module

This routine automatically detects speed violations and save the information continuously in a database. You can then process the data at a later moment. The software can handle four simultaneous measurements. Finally, selected output can be encrypted and transferred to a server for processing in optional software.


Traficon is currently primarily designed for use on multifile roads and measures the speed only on vehicles that pass in the same direction. The system uses GPS positioning and the open source computer vision library and a unique algorithm for videostream and image analysis.

The software has been developed to be used primarily in an economic research project in collaboration between university and private business.

Traficon is a noncommercial project in order to contribute to research on alternative social income and possible development of welfare.



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